infinidat's Website

The Client

Infinidat is a prominent global enterprise data storage solutions provider that has revolutionized the industry with its innovative technologies. With over a decade of experience in developing and delivering cutting-edge data storage solutions, Infinidat has emerged as a global player in the industry, with a presence in over 50 countries worldwide.

The project

Infinidat's Main website

Comrax's partnership with Infinidat has played a pivotal role in the successful design and development of their website, catering to a diverse range of users worldwide. This collaboration leveraged Infinidat's unique data storage solutions and Comrax's expertise in web design to create a highly functional and visually appealing website. The primary objective was to provide a seamless user experience while effectively showcasing Infinidat's innovative technologies and positioning them as a leader in the data storage solutions market. 

The Industry: Information technology (IT) industry, Data storage solutions market
The Year: 2021
Duration: 5 Months




Comprehensive Product Information

The website provides detailed information about Infinidat's products, including their features, specifications, and benefits. Users can explore different storage solutions and understand their capabilities.

Solutions and Use Cases

Infinidat's website showcases real-world use cases and success stories, demonstrating how their solutions have addressed specific challenges and delivered value to customers. This functionality helps potential clients understand the practical applications of Infinidat's offerings.

Resources and Collateral

The website offers a range of resources, such as whitepapers, e-books, datasheets, and videos. These materials provide in-depth insights into industry trends, best practices, and technical details related to Infinidat's products and technologies.

Partner and Customer Portal

Infinidat provides a dedicated section for partners and customers, offering access to exclusive content, support resources, documentation, and collaboration tools. This functionality facilitates streamlined communication and collaboration between Infinidat and its partners/customers.

Events and Webinars

The website features an events calendar highlighting industry conferences, trade shows, webinars, and other relevant events hosted by Infinidat. Users can stay updated on upcoming events and register to attend virtual or in-person sessions.

Contact and Support Channels

Infinidat's website includes multiple contact options, such as phone numbers, email addresses, and a contact form, allowing users to get in touch with the company's representatives for inquiries, support, or sales-related queries.

Blog and Thought Leadership

Infinidat maintains a blog section where they share insights, thought leadership articles, industry trends, and expert opinions. This functionality provides valuable content to educate and engage the audience while establishing Infinidat as a knowledge leader in the data storage domain.

Language and Region Selection

The website offers language options and allows users to choose their preferred region, ensuring that content and relevant information are presented in a localized manner.


infinidat's Website
Established Market Leadership
Positioning Infinidat as a trusted leader in the data storage solutions market
Increased brand visibility and recognition
Enhances brand visibility and recognition for Infinidat, capturing more attention from the target audience.
Lead Generation and Business Growth
The website generates valuable leads and opportunities for business growth, attracting potential customers and clients.
Showcasing Innovation and Expertise
The website effectively showcases Infinidat's innovation and expertise in the data storage solutions industry.

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