Global Website for Haifa Group

Haifa Group shines as a global industry leader, renowned for its exceptional specialty plant nutrition solutions. Comrax played a pivotal role in crafting and developing their flagship website, while also implementing a robust international distribution system supporting 13 languages. Together, they empower Haifa Group to reach a wider audience and solidify its position as a top-tier supplier in the global market.


Commerx characterized and developed the main website and an international distributor system in 13 languages

One of the conclusions of the user research we carried out in the characterization process for the company's main website is that its customers are divided into very clear segmentations and personalization is the name of the game. A farmer who grows tomatoes - is not interested in fertilizers for corn plantations.

Haifa's Group website

Personalization at Its Core

Tailoring Experiences to Every User

One of the valuable insights we gained from our user research during the development of the company's primary website is the clear segmentation of its customer base. For example, tomato growers have unique needs that differ from those cultivating cornfields. Drawing from this realization, we crafted a user interface that truly speaks to each individual visitor, with the main website branching into dedicated sub-sites - immersive worlds. Picture an entire realm brimming with nothing but succulent tomatoes or luscious bananas. Within these tailored domains, visitors can explore customized articles, curated content, innovative products, insightful guides, interactive calculators, and resources meticulously designed for their specific interests and preferences.